Yorg 0.10 has been released!

Hi! We've developed a new version of Yorg!

First of all, we've released a new track (with the corresponding original song!). This track is Sinus Aestuum, it is on the Moon. There are several interesting aspects in this track, like alternative paths, holes, ... So, now you can drive on 7 tracks! Here's a screenshot of the new track:

Recently, we've received a feature request: a new camera. So, if you prefer, you can select a camera from rear now. Here is a screenshot of it:

Moreover, we've rearranged things in the GUI, as you can see in the previous screenshot.

A very important aspect is that we've changed our multiplayer implementation in order to improve players' experience:

  • now you can register your accounts from inside the game;
  • now you don't need to open a port on your router.

So, we hope that now the multiplayer experience is as smooth as possible.

Moreover, some feedback was about the driving model, so we've refined it.

We've received several contributions - we've updated these translations: Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Galician, French and Italian.

So, here is the new release trailer!

Finally, it would be very kind of you if you may consider to support us. Thank you very much!

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