Some renderings of our next track: snow!

Hi! Our artist has released some renderings of his last track!

As you can see, our next track will be in a snowy land!

So, this time you must be very careful: car's adherence will be an issue for you!

As many followers have requested, we're also working hard on adding the multiplayer!

Please, consider supporting us!


yorg-0.8.0-windows.exe 290 MB
Dec 01, 2017
yorg-0.8.0-osx.tar.xz 284 MB
Dec 01, 2017
yorg-0.8.0-linux_amd64_installer 289 MB
Dec 02, 2017
yorg-0.8.0-linux_i386_installer 288 MB
Dec 01, 2017

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